Moon Sand
  • Moon Sand

    Irie Essence presents... Cloud 09, a CBD infused skin care line designed to help creators, athletes and hardworking people.TOPICAL USE ONLY! AVAILABLE IN 4 Different Scents!Wooden Scooper spoon included! 1. Stir settled ingredients with spoon,2. Add approx. 7-8 scoops to luke watm bath water3. Soak for at least 20 minutes!4. Enjoy! * Reccomendation: Use cleaning brush after each bath to prevent residue build up. Helps with sore muscles, joints, dysmenorrhea (period cramps) and meditiation!Each scent helps alleviate a different mental trigger point such as anxiety, depression or a positive mindset.Each product is infused with 16.6 mg of 1000 mg of CBD oil.

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