Frequently asked questions

What are the candles made out of?

The candles are made from gel wax and oils.

Are drop offs available?

Yes! Follow and direct message me on Instagram (Irie_Essence) or message me on the "Contact" page.

Can I leave my candle unattended?

Absolutely not! Please use your candle responsibly! Do not fall asleep, leave your home or leave your candle unattended while lit.

Is that wood in the candle?

Yes! I love adding wood wick to my candles! I often compare it to grilling with coal (regular wick) versus throwing some jerk chicken over a wood fire (wood wick)... the chicken is gonna get cooked HOWEVER the wood wick taste (smell) is just stronger and more flavorful!!

How long do car fresheners last?

Approx. 90 days